Miriam Aparicio, blues piano Miriam Aparicio, blues piano


Dixon Dixit

dixon dixit
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Chino & The Big Bet
Dixon Dixit

Chino: vocals – resophonic guitar

Rod Deville: contrabass – backing vocals

Giggs Nother: drums

Blas Picón: vocals – harmonica

Miriam Aparicio: piano – backing vocals

Pol Prats: tenor saxophone

Artem Zhuliev: tenor saxophone


All songs by Willie Dixon. Recorded ar “DACHA” in Sallagouse, France, by Chino. December 2014.

Mixed by Chino & Rod Deville. Mastered in Barcelona by Jordi Vericat at J.K. Music.

Cover art by Tchatcha. Design by Swingslide.





  1. When The Lights Go Out
  2. 29 Ways
  3. Dead Presidents
  4. I´m Crazy For My Baby
  5. You Know My Love
  6. Too Late
  7. Seventh Son
  8. Violent Love
  9. I Ain´t Superstitious
  10. Young Fashioned Ways
  11. I Ain´t Gonna Be Your Monkey Man No More
  12. Spoonfull
  13. 300 Pounds Of Joy
  14. This Pain In My Heart